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Chubby Bubble 60ml
Bubble Melon

$ 28.00

A juicy sweet watermelon bubble gum.

Bubble Mystery

$ 28.00

Its a mystery. A sweet bubble gum blended with ...

Bubble Purp

$ 28.00

A delicious grape bubble gum vape! 

Bubble Razz

$ 28.00

Sweet blue raspberries and bubble gum.

Bubble Strawberry

$ 28.00

Delicious, strawberry Infused Bubblegum.

Chubby Fruits - Blueberry Pear

$ 28.00

Freshly picked blueberries mixed with a juicy r...

Chubby Fruits - Kiwi Melon

$ 28.00

Freshly cut sweet kiwi combined with a succulen...