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Premium eliquids have more complex flavors and generally have a higher VG % than standard eliquid.  They also come in larger bottles and are designed more for drippers or higher end tanks.

Premium does not mean a better quality of product, it is simply a term to differentiate two different types of Eliquid.

Tiger's Blood

$ 27.00

Strawberry, Watermelon, and Coconut. 100ml Bottle!


$ 29.99

A delicious toasted marshmallow smashed between...

Tropic Thunder ICE

$ 27.00

Strawberry, kiwi candy on ICE that will leave y...

Vanilla Caramel Crunch

$ 15.00

Delicious blend of Vanilla and Caramel.

Vanilla Custard

$ 27.00

Vanilla Custard. 100ml Bottle!

Vanilla Custard Salt

$ 19.99

Vanilla Custard A classic flavor that marries t...

Vanilla Pseudo Custard

$ 22.00

A vanilla base swimming in nuts. From the first...

Very Berry Crunch

$ 27.00

Crunchy cereal & extra berries. 100ml Bottle!

Water Melons

$ 28.00

Watermelon candy.   Hi-Drip Watermelons vape ju...

Watermelon Madness Salt

$ 19.99

Watermelon Lemonade Watermelon Madness by Twist...

White Gummi Bear

$ 27.00

Golden Pineapple and Gummi Bears

Wild Watermelon Lemonade

$ 35.00

This watermelon lemonade requires no cutting or...

Zack Attack

$ 27.00

Pomegranate & Strawberry Lemonade


From $ 15.00

Pink Juicy Candy/ Hawaiin Shaved Ice Ziggy no l...

Zuro's Apple Pi

$ 29.99

Apple Pie. Do you remember grandmas warm apple ...

Zuro's Cereal

$ 29.99

Fruity Rings or Fruity Stones Cereal. From the ...

Zuro's Classified

$ 29.99

Zuro's Classified is infused with CENSORED,CENS...

Zuro's Cronuts

$ 29.99

Cross between a glazed donut and a funnel cake....

Zuro's Milk

$ 29.99

Classic. Strawberries and Milk. Zuro's Milk is ...

Zuro's Private Stock

$ 29.99

Zuro's Original Cream Base. Zuro's has done it ...

Zuro's Strawberry Dream Cake

$ 29.99

Strawberry Cake. We never thought that Zuro’s ...