FDA Regulations and You

What the FDA Regulations mean to you.
What do these regulations do?
  • The new FDA regulations “deem” electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product and regulate them the “same” way.
  •  Require a person to be 18 or older to buy electronic cigarettes (YAY!)
  •  Require warning labels on E-liquid bottles ("WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”)
  • Prevent the sale and distribution of products with modified risk descriptors such as “Light” or “Mild” 
  • And the big one…
Manufacturers will have to submit a Premarket Review of every product made after February 15, 2007. (every different flavor, every different strength, every different device, replacement coils, etc.). 
The regulation goes as far as to say that anyone making a component of an electronic cigarette (even wrapping a coil) is now a manufacturer and required to submit the same application.
This application, which does not guarantee approval, will cost approximately 1 Million dollars per product.
This is certainly not financially feasible for most small businesses and will force more than 15,000 small businesses to close their doors.
What can you do to save vaping?
1.Start by joining CASAA- Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association.
      CASAA will keep you updated on anti-vaping legislation and calls to action.
      2. HR2058 is a bill introduced by Tom Cole from Oklahoma.  This bill changes the “grandfather date”  (currently February 15, 2007) to the date that the regulations go into effect (August 8, 2016) allowing all products currently on the market to remain on the market but still able to be regulated.
      Call, write, or better yet, MEET with your Federal Legislators! Tell them to support HR2058!
      Find your Representative Here.
      Find you Senator Here
      If you don’t know what to say email us at SCVadvocacy@gmail.com and we can setup a time to help you and may even be able to join you!!