Falcon Replacement Coils (3-Pack)

Replacement Coils for the Falcon and Falcon King. Sold in 3 packs.

M1 Mesh- .15 Ohm, 70W, 30% Wood Pulp, 70% Cotton

M2 Mesh- .16 Ohm, 70-80W, 70% Cottom, 30% Wood Pulp

M3 Triple Mesh- .15 Ohm, 95W

F1- .2 Ohm, 80W, 70% Cottom, 30% Wood Pulp

F2- .2 Ohm, 80W, Flax Fiber

F3- .2 Ohm, 70W, Flax Fiber and Flax Paper

Falcon King M1+- For the Falcon King Tank Only, .16 Ohm, 75W, Bamboo Fiber


$ 13.99

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