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Premium eliquids have more complex flavors and generally have a higher VG % than standard eliquid.  They also come in larger bottles and are designed more for drippers or higher end tanks.

Premium does not mean a better quality of product, it is simply a term to differentiate two different types of Eliquid.

100 Grand 60ml

$ 28.00

Reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with a h...

Adam & Eve 60ml

$ 28.00

Sour Green Apple with a Fresh Exhale sensat...

Akuma by Modus

$ 28.00

Vanilal Filled Cream Puff. If you're looking fo...

Amazing Mango

$ 28.00

Juicy Mango with Peach infused Cream. Luscious ...

Apple Butter

$ 20.00

Apples and Cinnamon. Sweet Washington apples sl...

Apple Jam

$ 29.99

Apple Jam on Buttered Toast. Apple Jam E Liquid...

Apple Pi

From $ 19.99

Apple Pie. Do you remember grandmas warm apple ...

Apple Snap

$ 22.00

Apple Drink. Welcome the newest flavor to the S...

Azul Berries

$ 28.00

Blueberry and Raspberry. Azul Berries is seduct...


$ 29.99

Banana Pudding. The beast within has been unlea...

Berry Belts

$ 28.00

Strawberry Sour Belt Candy. Berry Belts takes t...

Berry Blow Doe

$ 27.00

A mouthwatering, bubblegum lollipop infused wit...

Berry Lush

$ 28.00

A blend of crisp and tart pineapple and sweet a...

BLK by Lunar Rover

$ 18.00

Black and Mild like Bold Tobacco. BLK provides ...


$ 27.00

Blueberry, marshmallow cereal with milk. 

Blue Nose

$ 18.00

Coconut, Blueberry, and Strawberry. A tropical ...

Blue Nose 100ml

$ 49.99

A tropical coconut drink mixed with blueberries...

Blue Zombie

$ 28.00

Blend blue raspberries lemonade with an infusio...

Blueberry Custard

$ 27.00

Blueberry Custard. 100ml Bottle!

Blueberry Jam

$ 29.99

Blueberry Jam on Buttered Toast. Blueberry by J...

Blueberry Lemonade

$ 27.00

Blueberry Lemonade. 100ml Bottle!

Brain Freeze

$ 28.00

Strawberry, Kiwi, Pomegranate, and Menthol. Coo...

Bubble Berry

$ 28.00

Delicious, mixed berry Infused bubblegum.

Bubble Grapefruit

$ 28.00

Delicious, grapefruit Infused bubblegum.

Bubble Melon

$ 28.00

A juicy sweet watermelon bubble gum.

Bubble Punch

$ 28.00

Delicious fruit punch infused bubble gum.

Bubble Purp

$ 28.00

A delicious grape bubble gum vape! 

Bubble Razz

$ 28.00

Sweet blue raspberries and bubble gum.

Bubble Strawberry

$ 28.00

Delicious, strawberry Infused Bubblegum.

Buffalo Dreams

$ 27.00

Apricot & Nectarine. 100ml Bottle!

Buzz by Modus

$ 28.00

Blue Raspberry. You could say Buzz has a flavor...

Candy Punch

$ 39.99

Rainbow Candy. Bold sweet bursts of rainbow can...