Corona Virus Update


We have had several customers who have contacted us that didn't have the chance to get supplies before we were ordered to close. The enforcement was delayed, so we would like to give one more opportunity to stock up.

WE WILL BE OPEN, Sunday March 22rd, from 12-4 for those of you who still need supplies to hold you over. We are taking every precaution we can to be here for this limited time and we are not sure when we will reopen. The 'Carry Out' method we've used all week has been very effective.

- Please only come if you NEED something.
- Call ahead to place your order, after 10am tomorrow, so we can gather it- even if you call from your car. No exceptions!
- We will be there at 10am for the start of calls and start the carry out at 12.
- This is a very quick process!
- One person at a time at the door to pay and pick up.
- We are working on longer term solutions to serve you while we are closed. Please stay tuned for updates.

Monroeville- 412-373-3244
Castle Shannon- 412-343-3500

Effective immediately we will temporarily stop offering taste testing, troubleshooting, and all other services.

We have been very vigilant about consistently disinfecting throughout each day, having access to hand sanitizer, and ensuring our employees have been washing their hands and disinfecting consistently.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!