VapePGH will be going away again.

According to FDA regulations all “newly deemed” tobacco products must file for FDA approval for each of their products to keep them on the market.  This term includes essentially all E-Liquids and vapor products.  The deadline for this application has changed several times but is currently September 9th, 2020.  While we expect many manufacturers will be submitting the expensive and time-consuming documents required by the FDA, VapePGH will not be able to.  Without an extension all VapePGH products will become illegal to sell and will be removed from the market on September 10th, 2020.

To make sure that you have your favorite juice for as long as possible we want to give you the option to bulk order any VapePGH e-liquid.  Stop by either Steel City Vapors location to order and pay for your VapePGH e-liquid.  All orders will be fulfilled in no less than 7 days and you will be notified when your order is available for pickup. We also want to make this as affordable as possible so we will also be offering bulk pricing on all VapePGH e-liquid.

5+ bottles- 5% off- $20.90 per bottle

10+ bottles- 15% off- $18.70 per bottle

20+ bottles- 25% off- $16.50 per bottle