Why are there no longer products on our website?

Steel City Vapors still carries a wide selection of Hardware, E-Liquid, Disposables, and Accessories.

On August 8th 2016 the FDA deemed most vaping products to be a Tobacco product based on the idea that E-liquids use nicotine that is derived from tobacco.  All tobacco products must receive FDA approval before being sold in the U.S. The FDA took time to create rules and allow manufacturers to submit applications for FDA approval and allowed products to stay on the market while their application was being processed.  The allowed time frame ended on September 9th, 2021.

As both the FDA and manufacturers decide which products are still allowed on the market, how this law will enforced, and what our options are moving forward we know some of the products we sell will be removed from the market.  We have temporarily removed all products from our website to begin evaluating what product options we will be able to provide for you as we move forward. We know it is less convenient but you can always call us to check if we have a specific  product in stock. 

We thank you for your understanding.


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